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About Me

Garrison Ricketson
64 years old
About Me

I am a stone worker,carve sculpture, also painter, but am just now starting to learn

a little in programing, as a hobbie, I enjoy, I only regret I did not start when I was 

younger,...I especially am interested in games, but still have a lot to learn, before

I could actually write one...for more about me, http://www.garryspages.webs.com

Guess that is about it.

Gary Randall
78 years old
About Me

Surveyor and programmer for more than fifty years.  Worked with Quick Basic and developed a coordinate geometry package to run under Windows DOS and now want to run it under modern Windows 7-8 64bit and Linux. 

About Me

About Me

About: MA in Dutch Language and Culture/ Communication studies, (web) editor, coffee addict.

Likes: Foreign languages, psychology, (modern) art (Klimt, Munch and some Pre-raphaelites are my favorites), European movies (especially Danish and Swedish ones), coffee, traveling, Radiohead, jazz (from traditional jazz to modern jazz), red wine, rock, old skool hiphop, painting (for fun), classical music (from Albinoni to Zappa ;)), electronic music (especially elektro), ever greens, Youtube, inventing :P, Google, Facebook, Jägermeister, Utrecht, Sweden, the UK (yeah!), Ireland, roti, French fries, MS-DOS, old homecomputers, Southpark, improvising some music, (good, weird, lucid) dreams and electronic dream devices, money, Tilsammans, Så som i himmelen, redheaded women, The shining, Fröken sverige, 3 Women, The butterfly effect, Falling down, Cashback, etc.

Dislikes: Schlagermusik, polka's (except Leva's polka), tonic, bureaucrats, pasta, screen errors, racism, chateau de migraine (Vin d'Aldi), etc.




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About Me

Ancient, slightly grumpy male of the agnostic and non-ideological persuasion.  Take pleasure in frequent observations of the Hoot and Gibber Club members in all their glory.  My wife balances any latent craziness of mine with lardings of common sense.

Began computing in the mid-1980's, first on a Tandy progammable calculator, then a Commodore 64, and 128, and finally (reluctantly) got an IBM compatable machine.  Did lots of BASIC programming, and smatterings of other programming languages.  No formal computer training, followed my nose. Always in it for the fun of it.

About Me

i am on qb64 too


About Me

Hello guys, This is Rob.

This is my new webs membership. Some of my hobbies include surfing the net, watching movies and practicing Aikido at my dojo (yes I have a life outside computers). My Internet ventures include my Clickbank Affiliate Marketing site which you can check out. Thanks for stopping by.

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22 years old
About Me

57 years old

About Me

About Me


santipriya dasgupta
76 years old