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Welcome to my world of QB64 programming.

Here you can find source code and all the files needed to run the programs.

If you dont have QB64 you can download it here...http://www.qb64.net/


So, a little about me and how i got into programming...

My name is John (a.k.a Unseen Machine). I am a first year at London Metropolitan Unversity studying for a BSc degree in Computer Games.  I live in London, England.

My dad gave me my first computer, an IBM 286 - 10Mhz CPU, 1Mb Ram and a 20Mb HDD a copy of DOS 6.22 when I was 15. We had a 486 upstairs, but that was for homework, not me messing around on.

So, with a bottle of Dr Pepper in one hand and a Dos manual in the other, I entered the world of the command prompt. Learning the basics was simple, CD = Change directory no problems, but then one fateful day, a friend gave me a copy of Commander Keen, I needed an extra 16k memmory to run!!! Well,  as fortune would have it, my dad is a programmer (UNIX/COBOL and allsorts of others) and he said edit the boot config file, so I did, and poof!!! it worked and I was hooked.

I then started to learn about BATCH file scripting, and then found a programme called QBASIC. I went in and with the help file, taught myself how to Display and get user input, read and right to files and generate random numbers...graphics to me were impossible.

Then, on day at work, I was asked to change 1 line in a .txt file on over 1000 POS sysytem (touch screen tills). There was no way i was doing this by hand!  So with Qbasic and PcAnywhere - I wrote a program which logged onto each terminal in sequence and opened the file. (I know now I could have made the next bit automatic but I did not know how at the time). I then removed the line and saved and closed the file. So thats how i got back into programming, that was September 2009. Since then I have progressed (thanks to those on the forums at Qbasic.com and QB64.Net), and now feel comfortable in trying to attempt almost anything in QB64. 

Happy Coding folks, UNSEEN